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{I love this.}
It's about moments. Remembering those moments. The ones that happen amidst life's chaos.
I don't take pictures. I capture moments. Because life isn't about posing and smiling, it's about moments. The ones you want to remember forever.

By trade, I'm a journalist. A story teller. Now I tell stories through pictures.

There is something very special about seeing your children, your family, moments in your life through someone else's eye. I capture those moments. Those 'best parts' of life.

I specialize in natural light photography in Parkland, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale area). You pick the location. Together we pick the time. And we hang out. We play. We laugh. I capture your moments.

Also. I'm a mom. Of little kids. I get it. They don't always perform. They don't always smile. Sometimes they have snot on their sleeves. Sometimes they're shy. Quiet. Or a screaming maniac. It's cool. I'm ok with it. I'm patient. And I'm a mom. I know. It'll take more than screaming frowning snot-covered kids to discourage me.

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